Our Vision

Our vision at Chateau Couture is to recreate the timeless classical beauty of European interiors and architecture by integrating all the elements of the revered classical European style.

Tartaruga Design

Chateau Couture's commitment to quality is evident in their exclusive partnership with Tartaruga Design founded by italian sculptor Luca Savazzi whose craftsmanship and authenticity of design have embellished projects worldwide.

Exterior Architectural Profiles

The exterior collection features handsculpted cartouches, corbels and keystones custom made and colour matched to meet client's individual requirements.

Interior Stone Detailing

The interior range encompasses stone detailing spanning architraves, cornice and skirting boards through to stone pediments, wall tiling and seamless stone flooring.

Stone Mantles & Overmantles

Chateau Couture's incomparable collection of hand sculpted, hand cast and hand chased stone mantles, overmantles and kitchen hoods are crafted with superior sculptural detailing.

Recreate Timeless Elegance

Chateau Couture introduces boiseries reminiscent of Europe's grand chateaux of the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries. A range of magnificent antique chandeliers, classical carved doors and specialised paint finishes complete a timeless classical interior.

Sculptures & Busts

Chateau Couture is proud to be the Australian privileged partrner of the Union of French National Museums. A specialised team of castors work with originals from the Louvre to reproduce the most celebrated sculptures and busts of the 17th & 18th century in classical patinas.

Chateau Couture warmly invites you to view their showroom to discuss the many design options available.
We thankyou for your consideration.